Universal Disinfectant “Klinodez Akva”

“Klinodez Akva” is a product for disinfection and cleaning of lines of drinking systems, technological equipment and inventory.

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Klinodez Akva is used for automated sanitary treatment of systems at large production facilities (dairy and other types of food industry for the treatment of premises, inventory and systems (containers, pipelines related to production, transportation, storage).

Klinodez Akva is effective for water disinfection in food and livestock industries, as well as drinking water in livestock and poultry.


100 g of the preparation contains:

  • acetic hydroperoxide – 18.0
  • hydrogen dioxide – 20.0
  • acetic acid – 25.0
  • sodium diphosphate – up to 1.0

Auxiliary ingredients: purified water.

Pharmaceutical form

Liquid with a specific vinegar odor.


Klinodez Akva is used for the prevention and forced disinfection of all types of livestock and poultry buildings, dairy farming, food industry, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, food markets, veterinary stations, outpatient clinics, laboratories, transportation vehicles, equipment, supplies, containers. Klinodez Akva is effective in a wide temperature range, which allows using the product at low temperatures down to minus 20 °C. Standard solution of Klinodez Akva intended for disinfection of various objects are prepared in plastic, enameled (without damaging the enamel) containers by adding appropriate amounts of the product to water.

Disinfection is carried out by automated washing, manual wiping, irrigation, filling. The product should be applied uniformly to the surface until it is completely wetted (Table 1). ! After final disinfection of plumbing systems wash off residuals of the preparation with municipal water. There is no need to wash off the remaining preparation from other surfaces.

Table 1

Object of disinfection Concentration of the standard solution Solution consumption Exposure time
Technological equipment, containers, inventory:

– preventive disinfection

– forced disinfection


0.1 %

0.2 %


0,2 l per 1 m2


2 hours

1 hour

In the presence of animals and poultry, to sanitize the upper respiratory tract 0.01 % 0,2 l per 1 m2
Final disinfection of plumbing systems (! Wash off any residuals with water) 0.1

0.2 %

System filling 2 hours

1 hour

Decontaminationof the surface of hatchery eggs 0.1 % 10 ml per egg

0,2 l per 1 m2

1 hour
Tray handling 0.2 %

0.5 %

0,2 l per 1 m2 30 min

15 min

Drinking inventory 0.5 % 0,2 l per 1 m2 Replace after every 20 clusters.
Acidification and decontamination of drinking water 100-130 ml of the preparation per 1000 liters of drinking water During 2-3 days a week every other day

Precautions for use

Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to work with the product. Do not smoke, drink, take food when working with the preparation. Prepare standard solutions in a ventilated room with water. All work related to the preparation of standard solutions should be carried out with respiratory protection, skin and eyes (use rubber gloves, do not come close to the open container with the product). After work, wash your face and hands with soap and water. In case of respiratory irritation, stop working with the product immediately, go to fresh air or to other premises, and ventilate the room. Rinse mouth and nasopharynx with water and seek medical advice immediately. In case of accidental contact with eyes, wash immediately with flowing water for 10-15 minutes and seek medical advice immediately. In case of contact of the preparation with skin, wash the affected area thoroughly under flowing water. In case of accidental ingestion, you should give a few glasses of water to the suffered person and seek medical advice immediately.

Storage conditions

Dry, dark, ventilated premise at a temperature of 0 °С to 25 °C. The product does not freeze at minus 20 °C.

Shelf life

2 years.


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