Disinfectant “Yoderyn”

Yoderyn is used for disinfection for the purpose of prevention and forced disinfection of all types of livestock and poultry buildings, in dairy farming, food industry, etc.
It is also effective for disinfecting water in the food and livestock industry and drinking water in livestock and poultry production.

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Disinfectant solution, dark brown colored liquid.


Active ingredients: iodophores, expressed as iodine 30 g/l
Auxiliary ingredients: phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, non-ionic surfactants, water.


Yoderyn disinfectant with a wide spectrum of action:

  • Effectively eliminates bacteria, mold, spores and viruses at 0-45ºC and even in hard water
  • Effective against heavy organic contamination
  • Color indication of solution effectiveness
  • Adjustable iodine release over 8 weeks


Used for the purpose of:

  • hygiene in farms and other animal housing facilities;
  • preventive disinfection;
  • washing of technological equipment and other surfaces;
  • disinfection of flooring, transit tubs, bowls;
  • disinfection of tools;
  • air disinfection;
  • disinfection of water supply systems;
  • limb disinfection in concentrations of 0.5-2% in an organically contaminated environment washes and disinfects in one step. Once diluted, it is non-irritating to the limbs, non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-corrosive.
  • effective against infections such as virulent Newcastle disease, Aujeszky’s disease, rabies vesicular disease of piglets, foot-and-mouth disease, tuberculosis, PRRS and salmonellosis.


Yoderyn dissolve in water, temperature below 45 °C.

Disinfection type Dilution Type of usage
Preventive disinfection 1:180 (5.6 ml/l of water) Solution is applied to the entire surface and left to dry


Disinfection of flooring, transit tubs, disinfection bowls for tools 1:180 (5.6 ml/l of water) The amber color of the solution indicates its effectiveness. If the solution is discolored, it is necessary to replace it with a new one (after 1-7 days)
Disinfecting tubs for animal limbs 1:200 – 1:100 (0,5-1 %)


– 1:100 – 1:50 (1-2 %).

For transit daily tubs


for stationary tubs

Water supply systems


Disinfection of drinking water

1:180 (5.6 ml/l of water)


1:2500 (0.4 ml/l)

Empty the system and fill it with a product standard solution. Leave for 30 minutes.

Drain solution and rinse with water

Hygiene in the dairy products industry 1:400, i.e., 2.5 ml/l. Release the tank, remove the plug and underwater meter, wash them in the solution

Clean the inside of the tank with a brush. Leave for 30 minutes.

Wash the cistern and lid with clean water and dry.


Treat the instruments in the same way, but without rinsing

Washing surfaces

cleaning utensils, technological equipment

1:180 – 1:50 (5.6ml/l – 20ml/l), depending on the degree of contamination: The solution is applied to the entire surface and left to dry.


Air disinfection 1:400 – 1:500, i.e., 2.5 – 20 ml/l


1:12,5, i.e., 80 ml/l.

Cold fogging method is used


Thermal fogging method

Yoderyn is effective against infections such as virulent Newcastle disease, Aujeszky’s disease, rabies – at the rate of 8 ml/l, piglet vesicular disease – 1.7 ml/l, foot-and-mouth disease – 1.8 ml/l, tuberculosis – 50 ml/l. Against PRRS or salmonellosis the preparation solution should be used at the ratio of 5.6 ml/l.


In the event of eye or epidermal irritation during disinfection, rinse the site of irritation with plenty of warm water.

The preparation is harmless to the environment and has no withdrawal period.


All manipulations with the preparation should be carried out in personal protective equipment (respirators, rubber gloves, goggles, protective clothing). In case of eye or skin irritation, the affected area should be washed out with plenty of warm water.


3 years in original packaging.


Plastic containers of 5 l.


Store in original containers in a dark, dry place out of the reach of children at 0 °C to 25 °C.


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