Universal desiccant “Klinodrai” (B2B)

Universal desiccant with disinfectant properties in livestock based on mineral components and essential oils with increased absorption capacity. Works against fungal diseases, provides body temperature stabilization and increases the vitality of newborn animals, improves the indoor microclimate by absorbing ammonia and has a calming effect on animals.

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Klinodrai is a universal desiccant with disinfectant properties based on mineral components and essential oils, which has an increased absorption capacity. Designed to ensure hygiene of premises for keeping all kinds of animals in order to absorb excessive moisture, therefore controlling the microclimate. The product effectively absorbs moisture and is used to quickly dry newborns and calves, ensures stabilization of body temperature and increases the vitality of animals. Due to its absorbent properties, the product helps prevent the development of microorganisms in wet areas as much as possible.

Klinodrai has a wound-healing effect, bactericidal and fungicidal effect due to its optimally selected component composition. Copper sulfate provides protection against fungal diseases. The essential oils contained in the product have a calming effect on animals. The bacteriostatic effect of essential oils reduces the risk of infection of animals with streptococci. Also, these oils have repellent properties – they repel adult insects and destroy fly larvae. Application of the product provides reduction of problems related to injuries on slippery surfaces.


  • copper sulfate
  • calcium sulphate
  • essential oils


Klinodrai is used in the presence of animals and is absolutely safe, both for people and animals, as the preparation contains mineral
sorbents and organic components. The preparation is used to dry bedding for all types of animals (pigs, cattle and small cattle, all types of poultry, horses, fur-bearing animals, small domestic animals).

  • Newborn piglets: immerse in a container filled with the product.
  • Sows and cows: treatment of floors before fertilization and transfer to farrowing or calving box. Handling of box stalls and animal resting places.
  • All other animals: finishing floors, cages, aviaries, garages, cesspools, and other surfaces or areas where there are large numbers of animals.

The product does not contain skin irritants or substances harmful to the environment.


The product is applied by sprinkling the preparation evenly on the surface of the disinfectant object at the rate of 50-100 g/m² once a week.


For veterinary use only. Can be used in the presence of animals.

Storage conditions

Store in the original package at temperature from 15 ºC to 25 ºC in a dry place protected from light.

Shelf life

2 years.


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