Mycotoxin Adsorbent “Klinotoksyl” (B2B)

Mycotoxin Adsorbent Klinotoksyl absorbs toxins contained in grain and feed, reduces their amount in the body of animals, reduces the probability of diseases in pigs, cattle, poultry, reduces the level of ammonia in the digestive organs and faeces, which in turn reduces aggression and agitation of animals. The adsorbent is a source of trace elements for animals and poultry and is eliminated from the body of animals within 36 hours.

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Klinotoksyl is an absorbent mixture for pets and poultry.


Pharmacological properties

Klinotoksyl is an adsorbent mixture, the action of which is based on irreversible binding to the molecular structure of mycotoxins, which ensures the chemical reaction of restoration of toxins and their re-exposure to the body.

Klinotoksyl absorbs mycotoxins in grains and feeds, ensures optimal quality of feeds, improves their digestion by regulating the microflora of the digestive tract, which increases the productivity of animals and poultry. Restores the function of the liver. The advantage of the feed additive Klinotoksyl is that its components do not affect the development of intestinal microflora and allow you to maintain a normal composition during use.

Klinotoksyl reduces the amount of ammonia in the digestive organs and feces, which reduces aggression and agitation of animals (prevents cannibalism in animals and poultry). Due to its properties to absorb ammonia particles, the detoxifying function of the liver is enhanced, which leads to a decrease of somatic cells in cow’s milk.

Klinotoksyl binds heavy metals and harmful gases, regulates acidity. The adsorbent is a source of microelements for animals and poultry, increases the strength of the poultry egg shells. Natural aluminosilicates have good adsorption and ion-exchange properties. The specificity of their action is due to the structure of the aluminosilicate framework and the presence of micro-cavities and cavities in the crystal, which contain a complex of exchangeable cations and water molecules. Unique combination of aluminosilicates, selected from four quarries located in Germany, allows to achieve unique results in cattle breeding. The acidification of the aluminosilicates with organic acids results in the removal of metal cations from the surface (decationization) and conversion to the H+ form. By increasing the volume of internal canals Klinotoksyl effectively sorbs excess moisture in the body, gases, endotoxins, thereby effectively preventing diarrhoeal disease. Due to the presence of organic acids, desorption of bicarboxylic acid from the pores of the aluminosilicate into the stomach of the animal, while sorbing excessive moisture in the body, gases, endotoxins and degradation of toxic substances. Fumaric acid is a component of the tricarboxylic acid cycle or Krebs cycle, which is the main metabolic link corresponding to the main source of energy in chemical transformation. Therefore, even if poor quality feed is consumed, fumaric acid increases the nutritional value of the feed and ensures rapid digestion of these products in order to prevent intoxication of the body.


1 kg contains:

  • aluminosilicates
  • fumaric acid
  • acidum citricum
  • succinic acid

Usage and Dosage

Klinotoksyl has the advantage of the absence of contraindications to the use of milk and meat when using the adsorbent.

Klinotoksyl used for farm animals and poultry for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic myco-, bacterio- and phytotoxicosis accompanied by diarrhoeal disease (especially among growing stock), in the complex treatment of liver cirrhosis, renal-liver failure, hemorrhagic syndrome, immunosuppression, breeding disorders (spermatogenesis, changes in the tissues of reproductive organs, frequent abortions, etc.). Adsorbent is recommended before routine vaccination and dehelminthization, during fattening animals with feed that may be contaminated with mycotoxins, bacteriotoxins or phytotoxins, also in premises with insufficient ventilation.

Klinotoksyl is added to the feedstuffs by the method of multistage mixing:

  • poultry – 0.5-1.5 kg/t feed;
  • sows and boars – 1.0-3.0 kg/t feed;
  • suckling piglets – 1.5-2.5 kg/t feed;
  • weaned piglets – 1.5-3.0 kg/t feed;
  • fattening pigs – 1.0-3.0 kg/t feed;
  • cattle – 0.05-0.06 g/1 kg live weight.

Adsorbent is eliminated from the body of animals within 36 hours.

Livestock products after using the adsorbent can be used without restriction, the adsorbent is used together with feed according to the recommended scheme (Table 1).

Animal species Preventive dose Therapeutic dose
Sows and boars 1 kg/t continuously with feed 2-3 kg/t of complete feed for 5 days,

then a preventive dose

Suckling piglets 1.5 – 1.7 kg/t until weaning 2 – 2.5 kg/t 5 days
Weaned piglets 1.5 – 2*kg/t continuously with feed 3 days before weaning and

5-7 days after weaning

2-3 kg/t of complete feed

Fattening pigs 1-2 kg/t continuously with feed 2-3 kg/t feed 5-7 days
Cattle 0.05 g/1 kg live weight 0.06 g/1 kg live weight
Poultry 1 kg/t continuously with feed up to 3 kg/t 5 days

then a preventive dose

Precautions for use

All work with the preparation should be carried out in accordance with generally accepted sanitation and hygiene standards.

Storage conditions

Dry, dark, ventilated premise at a temperature of 0 °С to 25 °C.

Shelf life

12 months.


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